Germ Guardian UV-C Room Air Sanitizer EV9102 - Air purifier

Kills Airborne Bacteria
Kills over 99% of airborne bacteria using UV-C technology

Fights Odor
Fights odors from smoke, pet areas, cooking, mildew and more

Kills Airborne Mold Spores
UV-C technology kills airborne mold spores

No Ozone
Produces no ozone

Laboratory Tested
Tested by the Harvard School of Public Health and independent third-party laboratories for efficacy

How does it work?

  1. Clean, fresh air flows out.
  2. UV-C light kills over 99% of airborne bacteria and mold spores.
  3. Fan draws in air.


Guardian Technologies utilizes ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light, the same technology used in hospitals, to kill over 99% of airborne bacteria. UV-C light is an effective, natural way to kill airborne bacteria without using chemicals.


Additional Features:

  •     UV-C light technology is used in hospitals to sanitize
  •     Processes 1380 cubic feet of air per hour
  •     Whisper-quiet operation
  •     Perfect for any room in your home or office
  •     Durable steel construction
  •     UV-C Bulb lasts for approximately 5,000 hours (6-8months of continuous use)
  •     5-year limited warranty

Approved Product Description
The germguardian® UV-C Room Air Sanitizer kills over 99% of airborne bacteria. It also kills airborne mold spores and fights odors.

A powerful fan draws air into the product. Next UV-C light kills (or inactivates) airborne bacteria. The whisper-quiet fan returns purified air back into the room. It processes 1380 cubic feet of air per hour and is recommended to run continuously. The unit remains cool to the touch.

Product Specifications:

  • Model Number:EV9102                   
  • Construction: Steel and Aluminum
  • Power: Cord
  • Working Weight: 4lbs. 4oz.
  • Air Processing: 1,380 cubic feet per hour
  • Efficacy: Over 99% kill rate is proven by tests performed by the Harvard School of Public Health and independent third-party laboratory testing.
  • Bulb: 9 watt Ultraviolet-C light bulb
  • Bulb Life: Approximately 6,000 hours
  • Noise Level: Quiet
  • Warranty: 5-year limited product warranty. See instruction manual for further warranty information.
Length: 6.5 inches
Width: 6.5 inches
Height: 17 inches



What is UV-C?
UV-C is part of the ultra-violet light spectrum that is filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere. The “C” stands for the particular frequency of UV light that kills germs.

Why is UV-C so effective at destroying germs?
UV-C light is highly effective at penetrating thin-walled germs like viruses and bacteria. The light alters the genetic structure of the germ and they die.

Is this new technology?
No. UV-C has been used to kill germs for almost 100 years. The first usage was in France in 1909 to disinfect their water system. This technology is still used today in hospitals, commercial buildings and custom homes to kill germs.

UV-C Room Air Sanitizer

  1. How big is the product?
    The UV-C Air Sanitizer is 17-inches tall and weighs less than five pounds.
  2. Is the product expensive to operate?
    No. The UV-C bulb uses less energy than a standard light bulb.
  3. How long will the bulb last?
    The UV-C bulb will last between 5,000 and 6,000 hours, approximately 6-8 months of use
  4. Will I need to replace the bulb?
    Yes, after 6,000 hours the bulb will loose approximately 15% of its efficiency. To maintain optimum performance it is recommended to change the bulb.
  5. How do I know when I need to change my bulb?
    The bulb will flicker or change colors. That is an indication that the bulb is failing and needs to be replaced. 
  6. Why is the UV-C Air Sanitizer made with steel and aluminum?
    Steel is a high-quality material that does not deteriorate when exposed to UV-C light for long periods of time. The aluminum used for the UV-C chamber is highly reflective to UV-C light, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the UV-C Air Sanitizer.
  7. Why doesn't the UV-C Air Sanitizer emit ozone?
    The type of UV-C bulb used in the UV-C Air Sanitizer is a special one that does not emit ozone out of the product.
  8. How long is the warranty?
    The UV-C Air Sanitizer has a 5-year limited product warranty. See instructional manual for further warranty information.
  9. Does the product require regular cleaning or maintenance? 
    The only recommended maintenance is to replace the UV-C bulb and filter annually.
  10. Where should I use the product?
    The UV-C Air Sanitizer can be used at home, in an office environment, hotel rooms, doctor’s office, or anywhere indoors where there is a desire or need to sanitize the air. The UV-C Air Sanitizer is not designed for outdoor use.
  11. Is the product safe around children or pets?
    Yes. The UV-C Air Sanitizer is as safe as any other device that uses 120V of electricity. While all children and pets are advised not to play with the unit or its electrical cord, there are no additional safety risks. The UV-C Air Sanitizer is cool to the touch and safe around children and pets.
  12. How much does the UV-C Air Sanitizer cost?
    At present, the UV-C Air Sanitizer retails for less than $200.
  13. If I buy the UV-C Air Sanitizer will I still get sick?
    The purchase of a UV-C Air Sanitizer does not prevent illness. germguardian® is designed to destroy over 99% of airborne bacteria*.
  14. Where can I purchase a UV-C Air Sanitizer?
    Click on the FIND RETAILER button at top of page or order online direct from us!

* Over 99% efficacy is proven by tests performed by the Harvard School of Public Health and independent third-party laboratory testing.

The germguardian® UV-C Room Air Sanitizer uses a replaceable 9-watt UV-C light bulb to eliminate 99% of airborne bacteria and kill mold spores. The filter works to fight odors. The 9-watt UV-C bulb and filter fits into all EV9102 models and should be replaced approximately every 6-8 months (depending on use).

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