Green Power Twin Gear Juicer KPE 1304 Samson Ultra Kempo

Samson Green Power KPE-1304 Twin Gear Juicer


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The Green Power KPE-1304 is highly productive twin gear juicer from an established company. This juicer has two gears which will press and extract a high amount of juice from your fruits and vegetables. This model also costs less than other twin gear juicers like the Green Star Elite ($549) and the all steel Super Angel 5500 Juicer ($1150). If you are looking for an efficient twin gear juicer and don't need an all steel juicer than the Green Power KPE-1304 is the model for you.

About the Samson Green Power Twin Gear Juicer KPE 1304 Ultra Kempo 

Samson's newest model, the Green Power KPE-1304 (formerly known as the Kempo Green Power Juicer), has the technology and juicing power to make it a best buy for the natural juice lover! The Samson Ultra Juicer not only produces juice from fruits and vegetables, but also extracts high juice yields from wheatgrass, barley grass and other leafy greens. Beside juicing the Green Power Samson Ultra Juicer also homogenizes, minces, makes baby food, nut butters, frozen fruit sorbet, grinds coffee beans, sesame seeds and more.

Store your juice for longer.
The Green Power KPE-1304 has patented twin gear triturating action combined with a low speed, infrared and magnetic technology naturally prolongs the storage time and freshness of your juice. Instead of the usual two or three juicing sessions per day, you can now prepare your juice therapy once in the morning and store it for up to two days!

Dark Green juices are essential for our health.
With its unique Twin Gear press, Green Power is able to get juice from all leafy greens and herbs, fibrous plants and grasses, and tough, stringy vegetables and sprouts. Unlike current popular juicers, Green Power is designed to extract juices from greens. In fact, it produces high volumes of green juice with tremendous ease. It juices continuously without plugging up, and the pulp comes out dry.

Green Power is designed for life. 
If an unusually hard substance accidentally enters the gears, the reverse rotation override immediately stops the motor before any damage occurs. Additionally, Green Power's precision balanced 1/3 horsepower motor with special reduction gears, reducing the speed to 160 RPM generates very little noise or vibration compared with an ordinary juicer. Because of these outstanding features, we are confident that your Green Power juice Extractor will bring you a lifetime of trouble free, noise free juicing.


  • Easy to Clean: The Green Power 1304 Juice Extractor is easy to clean and to carry.

  • Bio-Magnetic technology: The juice is preserved for longer periods. Magnets are fitted in the base of the jug too and a stainless steel pulp catcher is also included.

  • Separates Pesticides: The Green Power Juice Extractor filters out harmful pesticides extracting the natural juice in fruits and vegetables.

  • Twin Gears: The twin metal gears do not touch each other which prevents any possibility of metal scraps caused by friction to get into the juice or pulp. 

  • Automatic Pulp Ejection: Two adjustable pulp inlet caps permit high levels of juice extraction from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

  • Separate Screens: The Green Power 1304 Juicer includes a juicing screen for fruits and another screen for vegetables, plus a separate pulp pressure adjuster for soft fruits.

  • Puree Function: The Green Power Juicer also includes a blank crush screen for making nut butter, baby foods, meat pate, and frozen fruit sorbets!

  • High Quality Juicing with Low Noise: The low speed rotation (160 rpm) of the unique, powerful, twin gear impeller and pressing system generates virtually no heat that would cause denature to the juice. Fruits and vegetables are thoroughly crushed, rather than cutting and shredding them into small pieces.

  • Warrany: 10-Years on the Motor and 5-Years on Parts

AUTOMATIC OVERHEATING THERMOSTAT - The automatic motor thermostat prevents the motor from overheating.


Product Specifications:

  • Multi-purpose functions from juice extraction to soy milk to perfect pasta. Please note comes with Pasta Making Kit
  • Juices wheatgrass, barley grass and herbs.
  • Magnetized and bio-ceramic juicing jug keeps juice fresh with no loss of nutrition or oxidation for 72 hours.
  • Easy to use/easy to clean. Cleans within minutes
  • Most of the machine is built with recyclable materials.
  • The quietest machine on the market (60DB).
  • Collection jug prevents high build-up of froth.
  • Makes nutritious ice cream, nut butters, jams and baby food. Grinds coffee, grains and nuts.
  • Comes with:
    • Three screens: normal-hole (vegetables and wheat grass)
    • large-hole (pulpy fruit) and crush screen (soaked grains and beans)
    • Two Tampers (plastic and wooden)
    • magnetized one-liter jug
    • extra end cap
    • one cleaning brush.
    • pasta-making kit
  • Weighs 13.7 Lbs
  • 10 Limited year parts and labor warranty.
  • Operation Time: 20 Minutes (dependent upon temperature of environment)
  • Dimensions:: 16 inches length X 7.5 inches width X 11 inches in height
  • Made in Korea
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty
The Green Power Juicer can be almost anything...
A Vegetable Juicer
Juice carrots, celery, all leafy greens, and much more.
A Fruit Juicer
Juice oranges, apples, lemons, grapes, and much more.
 A Wheatgrass Juicer
Juice wheatgrass with ease and efficiency. Produces very dry pulp.
A Mincer / Grinder
Mince meat and fish. Grind seeds, coffee beans, and seasonings.
A Pasta Noodle Maker
Make pasta noodles with dough or steamed rice. Thin, thick or flat shaped noodles.
Food Mill
Make frozen fruit sorbet.
Make fresh baby food with all of your favorite fruits and vegetables.
Even make cookies and bread sticks with dough or steamed rice
Magnetic Bowl (1), Vegetable Screen (1), Crush Screen (1), Pulp Discharge Casing (1), Fruit Cap, Red (1), Vegetable Cap, White (1), Fruit Pusher (1), Vegetable Pusher (1), Cleaning Brush (1), Video Tape (1), Owner's Manual (1) 


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