Green Star 1000 Juicer Tribest GS-1000

Tribest Green Star Juicer GS-1000
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The only juicer you’ll ever need! For juicing fruits and vegetables of virtually every description, The Green Star Juice Extractor has no rival. From hard roots (carrots, ginger) to fibrous stalks (celery, rhubarb) to even the toughest leafy greens (kale, wheat grass), nothing is better at unleashing every drop of nutrition from fresh produce to boost your health, energy and overall sense of well-being. All models contain everything you’ll need for easy juicing and food processing.

Green Star Juicers feature an exclusive low-speed, quiet and heavy-duty Twin-Gear impeller press system that operates with minimal noise, friction and heat, preserving even the most fragile nutrients. HD Twin-Gear juicing technology produces higher juice yield and enhances the nutritional value of every drop. UL, CE, and TUV certified with 5 year warranty. 

 This Greenstar Juicer can also process whole foods making favorites like pastes from nuts and vegetables, many kinds of sauces, baby foods, frozen fruit desserts and more. The choice is yours with the Green Star Juicer.

Product Features

  • Motor Type: 1/4 hp. Squeezing power about 4 hp.
  • Speed: 110 rpms
  • 20 3/4" x 10" x 15"
  • Weight - 25 lbs
  • 5 year warranty

What's the difference between the Green Star 1000, 2000 and 3000 models?

The machines are IDENTICAL.  The only difference is the included accessories. (see below)

What are the extra parts used for?

  • The coarse screen is recommend for juicing fruit, since it can be more pulpy.  Some people use the coars screen to juice vegetables if they want more pulp in the juice.  
  • The drip tray is used to catch drips while juicing; making cleanup easier.
  • The strainer is used to strain the juice as it comes out of the machine, if you desire a virtually-pulp free juice.
  • The pasta and mochi attachements are used primarily for making cooked pasta and cooked mochi (rice cake)

For the unadvertised price use the code GREENSTAR at checkout.


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