Metrokane L-Press Juicer

Metrokane citrus juicer juicing an orange to make orange citrus juice. A very powerful manual home juicer.
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The L-Press Juicer is named for its distinctive L-shaped profile. The L-Press uses a new patented "Metal-Flex" design to press more juice with less effort from oranges, grapefruit, limes and lemons. The lever handle, interlocked with a powerful rack and pinion gear system, turns in a 500-degree arc to create up to 1000 pounds of leverage. The curved body of the L-Press is made of 3.5mm hardened steel reinforced with a die-cast polished pure aluminum spine.

Limes, lemons, oranges, and grapefruit give up every drop of juice with just a swing of the lever. A 25oz stainless-steel pouring pitcher catches and pours the juice, and the 16oz stainless-steel cone and funnel remove for easy cleaning.

Why is this one of the best home juicers?

  • Quiet
  • Powerful (generates more than 1,000 lbs of pressure)
  • Juices all citrus fruits
  • Includes 25oz stainelss steel pouring pitcher and 16oz stainless steel holding cup, strainer cone
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime warranty on moving parts

Not only are citrus juices refreshing for the mind and body, citrus fruits have been recognized for their numerous health benefits. Grapefruit, for example, has a powerful effect on the liver and body and can promote weight loss. Citrus fruits contain high concentrations of vitamin C, potassium, and other nutrients that may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, and even some forms of cancer.

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