Miracle Biosta Seed Sprouter

Miracle Biosta Seed Sprouter
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What is a BIOSTA Miracle Sprouter?

To the botanical expert it is simply a germinating apparatus; however, it is far more than this.The BIOSTA is a supplier of the freshest and purest cress salads, a domestic garden which supplies fresh soya every day, mustard and wheat sprouts which serve to prepare wonderful culinary specialties and represent a valuable and useful source of nutritional substances. In the BIOSTA garden you can grow good sprouts in your kitchen without soil and without fertilizers. BIOSTA allows you at the same time to participate in the excitement of sprouting your own seeds and tender plants and shoots.   Its needs are simple, it lives only on seeds and water, it requires little space and it supplies you with superb fresh salads and delicious sprouts whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Life giving sprouts contain live enzymes necessary for the digestive process. They contain few if any calories and no cholesterol. Sprouts are one of the highest and purest forms of vitamins and nutrients necessary for a long healthy life.

The Biosta Sprouter

  • Easy to handle, a child can do it.
  • No rinsing or washing necessary once started.
  • No energy necessary.
  • Delicious, fresh, tasty tender sweet sprouts.
  • High nutritive value. Rich in natural vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes.
  • Low in calories.
  • Economical: A few pennies per serving.
  • Sprouts different types of seeds at the same time.
  • Fun and "living" education for children
  • 3 levels
  • 72 hours to harvest
  • 2 pounds
  • 8" Diameter, 6 1/2" High

The Biosta sprouting system is a very easy to use item which aides in making all sorts of sprouts right in your home. The Biosta sprouter has three 7-3/4" diameter sprouting trays, water collection tray and a lid.

How to use the sprouter:

Insert the red drainage caps in each tray Cover the ribbed surface of each tray with a thin layer of seeds Pour about 1 pint of warm water into the top tray This design allows the trays to drain into one another. This is perfect to produce the proper amonutof humidity for quick germination For smaller seeds such as alfalfa you only need to water once in four days Depending on lighting conditions, temperature, etc the sprouts should be ready in 5-6 days!

A Sample of the Types of Sprouts you can make Alfalfa, Radish, Clover and more (not necessarily designed to grow wheatgrass, mung or adzuki). if you would like to do this we recommend the Sproutman Sprouter.

Dimensions Diameter : 8" Height : 6.5"

The biosta sprouter makes sprouting easy.


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