Tribest Personal Blender PB-250

Tribest Personal Blender and Grinder PB-250
  • Item #: PB-250

As versatile as it is portable, the Tribest Personal Blender delivers an impressive 200 watts of ice-crushing, smoothie-making power wherever you plug it in. Tribest Personal Blender is compact and smartly designed with high impact polycarbonate plastic containers for blending, grinding or serving. The containers conveniently come with a lid for easy storage.

Capable of two function modes: One touch short pulsation or press down for continuous blending/grinding operation.

In less than a minute, you could enjoy any of your favorite, nutritious and delicious recipes anywhere. Comes complete with an Operations Manual for easy use/easy clean and 40 easy to follow recipes for delicious soups, sauces, salsas, dips, porridges, pesto, pates, puddings and baby foods! The Grinder is a small and powerful machine that will freshly grind seeds, nuts, coffee beans or even flax seeds.

The PB-200 and 250 Blending and Grinding Packages Include:

  • Personal Blender Motor Base - 110V
  • one Blending Blade Assembly
  • one Grinding Blade Assembly
  • two 16 oz Blending Containers (PB-200 polycarbonate jars, PB-250 BPA-Free Copolyester Jars)
  • two 8 oz BPA Free Grinding Containers
  • one commuter sipping lid
  • three Regular Lids

  • Specifications:
  • 21.7 [w] x 13.4 [h] x 15.8 [d] in
  • 200 Watt Motor
  • Voltage: 110V (for use in the USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • Weight: 3.7 lbs.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Why Choose the Tribest Personal Blender smoothie maker? - By William W. Choi

"Make it your way, in your own cup, and drink up!"

The Tribest Personal Blender is the all-in-one, high-powered, smoothie-blending, coffee-grinding, sauce-making wonder with Blend-N-Serve cups for extreme convenience.

Just put your favorite ingredients in one of the Personal Blender’s single serving blending cups, screw on the blending assembly, and place it upside-down on the motor base. Press for pulse mode, or press and twist for continuous operation. Once you get it to that perfect consistency, just take off the blending assembly, and drink from the cup.

Not everyone likes the same ingredients in their smoothies or blended drinks, and it used to be a hassle to make everyone exactly what they wanted. You would have to stop and clean that clumsy blending jar every single time you switched recipes. The Personal Blender, by Tribest, eliminates that hassle. It comes with multiple Blend-N-Serve cups so you can enjoy your favorite recipe in your own cup, while making something else for a friend or a loved one in their own cup, without that extra cleaning step in between. Plus, each cup comes with its own lid for easy storage.

The Blend-N-Serve cups are made of tough polycarbonate, and are virtually unbreakable. They’re made from the same material as bullet-proof glass. The cups completely enclose the blending and grinding blades, keeping the blades away from probing hands and fingers. The advanced safety features built into the Personal Blender prevent operation when blades aren’t completely enclosed within the cup, making it impossible to come in contact with the spinning blades. An ordinary blender is nowhere near as safe.

Cleaning up is easy too. Just wash your cup and rinse the screw-on blade assembly, or just put them in your dishwasher. There’s no more bulky blending jar with its hard to reach blades and surfaces to clean, since everything is blended right in your own serving cup!

The powerful 200 watt motor allows you to blend everything from ice to frozen fruits. With the grinding assembly in the PB-200 model, you can grind coffee, nuts, grains, and even those feisty flax seeds. In under a minute, you can make your choice of hundreds of delicious and nutritious recipes. Blending and grinding have never been easier.

Ordinary blenders come with only one type of blade, designed primarily for wet foods, and do a poor job when it comes to your dry foods. If wet foods are blended first, you have to wait until the blades are clean and dry to switch to dry foods. The Personal Blender model PB-200 comes with both a wet food Blending Assembly, and a dry foods Grinding Assembly, which means you don’t have to wait for the blades to dry when switching in from wet to dry foods.

The lightweight and compact design of the Personal Blender allows you to take it with you wherever you go. Pack it up in a suitcase, or leave it at your office desk for smoothies while you’re on the go. The slim body of the Personal Blender allows for easy handling on your kitchen top, and can even lifted like a martini shaker for agitation of the ingredients.

You’ll appreciate the power, versatility, and convenience that the Personal Blender will bring into your life, so order yours today.

"With the Tribest Personal blender, life’s a whole lot tastier."

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