Tribest Soyabella SB-130

Tribest Soyabella SB-130
  • Item #: SB-130

The Soyabella Soybean Milk Maker SB130 not only makes grain and nut milks like soy, rice, cashew and almond milks in 15 minutes, it will grind and mill grains, and dried herbs. Soyabella is also great for making delicious pureed soups and poridges like split pea soup, butternut squash soup and rice porridge. Soyabella can even grind coffee beans and other dry ingredients with its convenient milling accessories. Soyabella is extremely convenient with different program settings that let you easily control temperature and grinding time with a single touch. Soyabella's multiple attachments allow you to create a cornucopia of recipes without difficult cleaning.

You can also make soups, porridge, sesame paste and tofu in the Soy milk maker. Your soups can be creamy or chunky.

The owners manual includes 26 recipes.

The safety features of the soymilk machine includes an overflow sensor, dry run sensor, over heat sensor and the blade will not spin unless the unit is closed.

The heating element is fully enclosed for safety and it is very easy to cleaning.

The Automatic soy milk makers micro-processor adjusts the temperature and the cooking time for you and it conveniently tells you when it is done with a green light indicator.

It operates with 750 watts power and the blade spins at 11,000 RPM.

The stainless steel chamber holds 1.3 liters (about 1 quart).

It comes with:

• screens

• a cleaning brush and pad

• a grinding cup

• measuring cup

• utility cup

• 2 year warranty

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