VitaMix Vita-Prep 3 Commercial Blender Model 1005

Vita Mix Vita Prep 1005, Commercial Blender
  • Item #: VM1005

The Commercial version of the popular Vitamix 5200 but with 3 HP instead of 2. More power!

The Vita-Prep just got Juiced! The new Vita-Prep 3 has more power to handle the thickest, toughest ingredients! Grind meats for pâte or chop tough vegetables for authentic Mexican salsa without overheating! Use the variable speed for perfect purèes, savory soups and delicious frozen treats. The Vita-Prep 3 is a must in kitchens where volume and quality are key ingredients to a successful back-of-the-house. More power, larger cooling fan, Vita-Mix quality...a great recipe has been perfected!

Blend Faster. Blend Easier

Now the Vita-Prep 3 Food Blender can process even faster and easier than before thanks to the new 3 horsepower motor. The Vita Prep 3 can easily power through thick purees, tough meats or perform grind spices! Create fresh pâte with the turn of a dial, make pico de gallo or grind without worrying about overheating! Use the variable speed for perfect whipped butter by controlling the speed and altering the consistency. The Vita-Prep 3 has became essential in many kitchens with their menus and customers demanding higher quality. Expand your kitchens capabilities, surprise customers with new flavors and consistencies and save time by blending more efficiently. All and all the Prep 3 comes with more power, a larger cooling fan and high quality  Vita-Mix construction.

Product Features:

  • FAST! A workhorse in the commercial kitchen, puréeing quicker and smoother than any blender or food processor you have ever used without over heating.

  • VERSATILE! Variable speed control allows you to chop, grind or blend different ingredients at exactly the right speed.

  • DURABLE! Built to last with a 3-year warranty against defects in parts and workmanship which includes a 1-year service contract. (Other warranties may apply outside the US.)

  • CREATE! Includes a 54-page recipe manual that explains methods, variations and suggestions for a myriad of menu items.

  • PROFIT! Easy-to-prepare purées or chopped vegetables cost less to make than fabricated products.

  • EASY CLEAN-UP! After each use, simply flush out container with kitchen’s power rinse or the Vita-Mix Rinse-o-matic



  • NSF certified
  • 3-year warranty against defects in parts and workmanship
  • 1-year service contract
  • 3 peak HP Motor
  • 13 lbs/5.9 KG
  • 1.5 cubic feet/.04 cubic meters


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