WonderMill Wonder Junior Deluxe - Best Hand Grain Mill

World's Best Hand Grain Mill. Wondermill Junior Deluxe
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NEW Wondermill Junior Grain Mill Fully Redesigned - FREE SHIPPING

The World's Best Hand Grain Mill
Wondermill Junior Deluxe - big claim to fame "The World's Best." But after you have used the Wondermill Junior hand grain mill we know you'll agree.

Basic Model Includes Stones only , No Clamp, and no burrs
Deluxe Model Includes Stones, Clamp, Burrs, flour guard and cleaning brush. This one is a deluxe model.

Wondermill Junior Grain Mill NEW AND IMPROVED!

  • High Quality and Reliability
  • Versatility and Effectiveness
  • Ease of use
  • The improved Auger makes the Wonder Junior Handmill the only Handmill on the market that can truly claim it can produce nut butter
  • The Wondermill Junior Deluxe model now includes The Flour Guide in the box
  • The Wonder Junior Deluxe model now includes The Cleaning Brush in the box
  • The Wondermill Junior Deluxe Model now comes in a full color box.
  • It weighs only 10 pounds
  • it is half the size of its expensive competitors
  • Comes with a sturdy and convenient table clamp to make using it convenient and simple.

The Wondermill Junior Grain Mill Deluxe Gets More VERSATILITY
Not only does the Wondermill Junior hand mill grind dry wheat and grains, it can grind many of the more oily grains and seeds.Wondermill Junior Grain Mill

  • Spices
  • Cloves
  • Coffee beans
  • Flax
  • New aggressive grain auger, it can do nut butters (peanut butter, almond butter and more) better than hand any other hand grain mill on the Market.

The sturdy Wondermill Junior Grain Mill one piece I Beam Uni-Body Mill, with the heavy duty bearings, solid steel shaft auger, and heavy double post clamp. The Wonder Junior is the easiest to use as well as the most rugged hand mill on the market. With the quick change head system you can switch from grinding dry grains, beans and legumes to oily grains, nuts and even coffee in just a couple of minutes. Nothing is more simple than the Wonder Junior Deluxe hand mill.

In a test performed at the WonderMill test kitchen, the Wonder Junior was able to-Wondermill Junior Grain Mill Hand Grain Mill

  • Grind 1 ¼ cups of flour in a single minute *80 turns*.
  • This is 65% (about 1/2 cup) more than we were able to produce with the Country Living grain mill with the same Flour setting
  • same amount of turns *80 turns*, and for half the price.

More Convenient Than Other Hand Mills
Not only does the Wonder Junior Deluxe hand grain mill have a strong and secure table clamp that blows its competition away, but it now comes with a flour guide and cleaning brush to keep grinding mess to a minimum. This makes cleanup a breeze.

The NEW Flour Guide effectively guides the flour to fall into you container, instead of all over your table.

Many expensive hand grain mills are quite heavy and large making them harder to set up, take down, and store. In fact many expensive hand mills require you to bolt a Motor on to allow you to be creative and more efficient.

A motorizing pulley is available from authorized dealers.
Motorizing your Wonder Junior will void its warranty but it gives you more flexibility to do what you want.

Built Tougher than Hand Mills in It's Price Range
We have already mentioned the superiority of the Wonder Junior Deluxe's table mount but its benefits do not end there. When compared to the competition in its price range, the Wonder Junior is thicker and wider in its body mold and it has no plastic parts. It's only non-metal parts are the nylon hand grips, clamp and adjustment knob, leaving it strong where it counts.


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