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Want a juicer to get it done fast? Then these high speed juicers will be perfect. Centrifugal juicers spin at 2000-8000 rpms and use a spinning blade to cut and extract juice from produce. Enjoy free shipping on most juicers. Order today!

Nutrifaster Juicer N450 Best Commercial Juicer
Nutrifaster N450 Juicer / Best Commercial Juicer

The Nutrifaster N450 Juicer is the best commercial juicer in the industry and we have the best price. The Nutrifaster n450 juicer is found in major juice shops because it is the fastest commercial juicer and built to last. Low price guarantee.


Fact: The juicers used by Joe Cross in the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead were the Breville 98, Breville 510, and Breville 800. (And you're in luck. We carry them!)