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Keep it simple with these manual juicers. These awesome juicers will let you get your juice on even if the electricity goes out! Shop now.

Lexen Healthy wheatgrass juicer. Out of all home juicers, this Lexen manual wheatgrass juicer is a great choice. Handy Pantry Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer - HJ Handy Pantry Tornado Manual Wheatgrass Juicer - TJ
Lexen Healthy Wheatgrass Home Juicer - Manual Hurricane Wheat Grass Juicer by Handy Pantry - ManualTornado Wheat Grass Juicer by Handy Pantry - Manual

A Wheatgrass Home favorite, the Lexen Healthy Home Juicer is easy to use and easy to clean. This home juicer has polycarbonate and stainless steele construction. It is the best wheatgrass juicer because it is inexpensive and efficient. Order now.

We love this juicer! It has few parts to wash and assemble, it will never rust, and it will last you a lifetime. Superb Extraction Stainless Steel Easy to clean Mounts on Countertop Lightweight Juices Wheatgrass, Barleygrass etc and a 5 year warranty.

Tornado Stainless Steel Wheat Grass Juicer by Handy Pantry - Manual Crank The "ANTI-RUST" Stainless Steel Juicer! You can easily mount this manual wheatgrass juicer to any countertop.This wheatgrass juicer has excellent extraction. Set-up and...
Tribest Z-Star Manual Wheatgrass Juicer Stainless Steel Juicer, Manual Juicer, Steel Juicer, Grass Juicer, Single Gear Juicer, Wheatgrass Juicer, Manual Juicer, single gear juicer, cast iron juicer
Tribest Z-Star Manual Juicer - Wheatgrass JuicerWeston Wheatgrass Juicer Stainless Steel - ManualWheatgrass Juicer Weston - Manual Heavy Duty Cast Iron

One of the lightest home juciers available. This wheatgrass juicer is easy to use, easy to clean and will clamp onto almost any countertop for great wheatgrass juicing.

Stainless Steel Manual Wheat Grass Juicer by Weston Brand made of a heavy duty construction for a lifetime of use. Easily clamps onto counter tops, juices wheatgrass or soft fruits, is very shiny and looks great in the kitchen!

Cast Iron Manual Wheat Grass Juicer by Weston Brand. Juice extractor for home use. Single gear juicer. A great and affordable wheatgrass juicer from Wheatgrasshome.


Tip: The Lexen Healthy Juicer is our most popular manual juicer.


What is the best juicer? It depends. With so many different makes and models there are certain juicers that will meet some people's needs more than others. If you want to juice wheatgrass at home you will want the Dr. Squees Green Queen. If you want a stainless steel juicer that will juice anything and last a lifetime look at the Super Angel 5500 Juicer. Do you want a vertical juicer? Look at the Hurom Slow Juicer, Omega Vert Juicers, and the Kuvings Silent Juicer. The Omega 8006 is a great single auger juicer at a great price. The top juicers of 2012 and 2011 are the Super Angel 5500 and the Omega VRT 350 HD. 




Quick lesson on juicers: There are twin gear juicers, single gear juicers, (slow) masticating juicers, and (high speed) centrifugal juicers. Twin gear juicers extract the most out of produce. We recommend the Super Angel 5500 and the Green Star Elite 5000. Single gear juicers are very versatile, cost less than twin gear juicers and are very reliable. We recommend the Omega 8006 Juicer. Masticating juicers grind out the juice from fruits and vegetables. We recommend the Hurom Slow Juicer and Kuvings Silent Juicer. They cost less than the Omega Vert 350 HD Juicer. If you want a high speed centrifugal juicer we recommend the the Omega Mega Mouth 390 or the Breville 510 Juicers. Wheatgrass Home offers the best juicers on the market to get you started on juice fasts and/or juice diets. Reboot fasts are very popular for weight loss and you can get everthing you need right here.




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