Nik Schmitt Fermenting Crock Pot 5 -50 Liters

Nik Schmidt Fermenting Crock Pot 5 Liter
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Crock Pots by Nik Schmitt are sold by each size separately and are available in 5 liter, 10 liter, 15 liter, 20 liter, 25 liter, 30 liter, 40 liter and 50 liter.

Model ME 3205 by Nik Schmitt

German manufactured fermentation pot. This traditional pot is suitable for almost all types of vegetables including cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, carrots, and more. Stoneware does not require special storage or care and is neutral for all fermented vegetables.

The new pot is a dark brown color and it is supplied complete with lid, weighting stones, and instruction booklet.

These Gairtopf fermentation stoneware crocks are suitable for almost all types of vegetables including cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, carrots, radish, and more.

The Stoneware does not require special storage or care and it remains neutral during the fermentation process.

These pickling crocks come with the crock, the lid, and the two semi-circle stone weights. These crocks keep the sauerkraut air-tight which prevents any mold or yeast from growing on the food.

These Gairtopf fermentation pots are manufactured in Germany by the company Nik Schmitt & Sons, (also called Nik. Schmitt & Sohn Steinzeugwaran.) These new German pots are the same as the Harsch gairtopf brand in that they are "fired" clay with a ceramic coating.

These Nik Schmitt pots are made with a mold and the Harsch pots are made the more traditional way, turned by hand. These new pots are lighter in weight. Both brands have a similar appearance and performance. Both use the lid and stone weights.

Here are the physical characteristics of the new sizes.

Size / Diameter / Height / Weight / Total Capacity

5 liter / 10’ / 12" / 12.1 pounds / 8 Liters

10 liter / 12" / 14.25" / 18.9 pounds / 14.75 Liters

15 liter / 11.5" / 16.25" / 19.7 pounds / 16 Liters

20 liter / 14.25" / 17" / 25.4 pounds / 23.5 Liters

Comparison between the Nik Schmitt German Crocks and the Harsch Gairtopf German Crocks Pickling Crocks:

They are all designed the same way, with the stone weights, ceramic body and lid, lead-free glaze, and all three use the same lid and gutter system to make the air-tight water seal. All three are equal in quality and performance.

The Nik Schmitt crock are made a different way than the Harsch.

Harsch crocks are manufactured the traditional way people make clay pottery, that is the clay is turned on a wheel and the clay is pushed and pulled into shape to form the pot. These have a homemade appearance, with slight differences in body shape and color.

The Nik Schmitt crocks are made in a mold with molten or liquid clay. Because of this the walls of the crock are thinner. The thinner wall has less weight. Because of the mold, each crock looks identical.

Both fermentation crocks have the lead-free ceramic glazing applied.

Both crock brands are neutral during fermentation, so there is no difference in the end result of fermentation. The performance of all three is the same, and the food will turn out the same in terms of taste and texture.

Make natural nutrition-packed sauerkraut and pickled vegetables easliy with this crock pot from Germany! Recently in the news, sauerkraut and pickled vegetables fermented the natural way with lactic acid fermentation are being credited with correcting bodily imbalances of intestinal flora, leading to problems including acid reflux for which doctors often prescribe harsh antibiotics

Why the Nik Schmitt Fermenting Crock Pot?

  • Improves digestive health (and our immune system) by bringing the healthy flora to our intestines when we consume "traditionally lacto-fermented" foods
  • Beautifully crafted stoneware crock pots
  • Makes it easy to produce pickled vegetables
  • Ceramic weight stones eliminates mold
  • Clever water sealing system allows fermentation gasses to escape without allowing air to enter the crock pot
  • Best price guarantee from Wheatgrass Home
  • Free shipping

Natural lactic acid fermentation is one of the oldest and healthiest means of food preservation. It allows natural, beneficial bacteria to perform a fermentation process in which vegetables develop a pleasantly sour taste and remain rich in vitamins and minerals. Lactic acid fermentation is the only method of preservation that retains all the natural plant ingredients while improving the quality, taste and aroma.

The reason why fermenting vegetables in a stone crock fermenting pot vs. purchasing processed fermented vegetables (such as pickles and sauerkraut in the supermarket), which have been fermented in salt and vinegar and then pasteurized, is that the pasteurization halts the fermentation and enzymatic processes and is void of what makes traditionally lactofermented foods a probiotic.


Sample quantities (you may order any size from 5 - 50 liters from us)

5 liters = 1.3 gallons

7.5 liters = 2 gallons

10 liters = 2.6 gallons

15 liters = 4 gallons

Remember you can only fill a pot to 80% of its total capacity.

Proper Handling of  Crock Pots

The first rule is cleanliness. This does not only apply to the vegetable but also pot and lid. This is where the remarkable traits of the stoneware pay off. It can be cleaned easily and without much trouble. It only needs to be wiped, scrubbed or rinsed off and then left to dry. Since stoneware absorbs virtually no water, the formation of mold, that is common at the surface of other materials , is eliminated. Mold formation affects taste, ingredients and preservation of the fermented vegetable.

The cover stones are replacing the previous board with cloth to weigh down the fermenting vegetable. They’re made from stoneware and come as two pieces for easier handling and better contact with the fermenting vegetable’s juice. They also provide the necessary pressure on the vegetable for fermentation. The stones should be covered by one to two inches of vegetable’s juice. When there's too little juice, add cool boiled salt water (15 g [.5 oz.] salt in 1 liter [1 qt.] water). A normal crock pot requires that one cover the vegetable with a clean, washed cloth. This is not necessary with this crock pot. Here it is sufficient to put large cabbage-, grape- or horseradish leaves under the stones.

Monitor the evaporation of water in the water groove. Close the pot with the lid. Pour water (normal tap water) into the water groove. This assures that the pot is sealed airtight, an important requirement for the pot to ferment properly. Fermentation occurs in several stages. Depending on the kind of vegetable, it takes 4 to 6 weeks. Especially in the early stages, it is extremely important that no air contacts the vegetable. The lid should therefore be opened no earlier than 2 to 3 weeks into the fermentation.

During fermentation and storage of the fermented vegetable the water groove needs to be filled with water. This prevents the following:

  • air coming in contact with the vegetable
  • yeast forming which makes the vegetable slimy
  • the upper portion of the vegetable turning bad
  • dust or vermin entering
  • stones or cloth turning smeary

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Enjoy all of the wonderful healthy benefits of the Nik Schmitt Fermenting Crock Pot and get the best price right here at Wheatgrass Home!

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