NutriFaster N350/N450 Blade

Nutrifaster Cutter Shredder Blade
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The Nutrifaster N450 Juicer offers two types of blades, which are also known as cutters or plates. The first blade is the Blade Cutter Plate which is included with the juicer. The Blade Cutter Plate is a Stainless Steel Blade which pulverizes fruits and vegetables.

The Cutter Blade for Nutrifaster N350/N450 Juicer is used for dense fruits and vegetables. Less yield than Shredder Blade, but basket can be emptied less frequently. Note: Cutter Blade should be sharpened every 3-4 months to maintain best performance.

The optional Nutrifaster N450 Juicer Shredder Plate is a Stainless Steel Blade which is better designed for leafy greens but is still good at juicing fruits and vegetables.

Nutrifaster N450 blades outweigh the blades and baskets of many other juicers.

Select either the Cutter Blade, the Shredder Blade, or both!

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