Nutrifaster N450 Juicer / Best Commercial Juicer

Nutrifaster N450 Juicer / Best Commercial Juicer

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Perfect for juice bars, health clubs, and restaurants!

This is the juicer that you may have seen behind the counter of countless smoothie shops and juice bars. Why? Because this is the commercial juicer that gets it done fast and efficiently! The construction of the Nutrifaster N450 is excellent and made to endure years of rigorous juicing. It not only will juice very high quantities quickly but it will offer some of the highest quality juice for customers. It is easy to use and will become a crucial part of your business. Order here for the best price guaranteed.

Best Commercial Juicer on the market

The Nutrifaster N450 Juicer is the best commercial juicer on the market today. It includes a large 2.5" feed chute! What this means is you'll spend less time cutting and more time juicing which will allow you to keep all your customers happy. The Nutrifaster N450 Juicer has a very high juice yield .

Nutrifaster's N450 Commercial Juicer is engineered for heavy-duty commercial use. It is ideal for juice bars, health clubs, spas, restaurants and institutions -- any place where fresh juice is in demand. The powerful 1.25HP motor and stainless steel juicing parts are engineered for years of trouble-free high-volume juicing.

Powerful for Continuous Juicing

The Nutrifaster N450 Juicer is Nutrifaster's pulp ejector style continuous commercial juicer. This juicer includes a powerful 1.25 horsepower motor which runs at a quiet 3450 RPM. The Nutrifaster N450 Juicer is the most balanced and smooth running commercial juicer in the industry.

Stylish, Durable, and Dependable

The Nutrifaster N450 Juicer is stylish, durable, dependable, and easy to clean. Designed for commercial use the Nutrifaster N450 Juicer is as beautiful as it is powerful with an all stainless steel blade and basket for heavy duty use. The stylish look of the Nutrifaster N450 Juicer will look great in any health club, juice bar, or restaurant.

The Nutrifaster N450 Centrifugal Juicer is the one of the most proficient fruit and vegetable juicers on the market. A quick change of blades and you can also juice leafy greens.

The Nutrifaster N450 Juicer produces the high juice yield quickly and easily. Made of heavy duty stainless steel and UL and NSF certification makes the N450 excellent for commercial use in restaurants and juice bars.

Surgical Steel Parts

The Nutrifaster N450 is a centrifugal style continuous operation pulp ejecting juicer. The N450 is an amazingly balanced and smooth running machine. The metal parts on the N450 are comprised of Surgical Stainless Steel. All of the Stainless Steel parts are either polished or sandblasted for functionality and attractiveness.

Spend Less Time Cleaning

Requires cleaning only once a day


  • Quickly makes Pulp Free Juices Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean All metal parts are comprised of Surgical Stainless Steel Large
  • Sturdy stainless steel basket designed to catch smaller pulp pieces
  • Two cutter plate configuration The Cutter Plate is a Stainless Steel Blade for pulverizing fruits and vegetables.
  • The Shredder Plate is a Stainless Steel Blade and is better for leafy greens.
  • Pulp ejection for continuous juicing Can produce up to a quart / minute depending on produce type/quality Heavy duty stainless steel construction Balanced
  • Quiet and Smooth Interlock switch locks the latch arm in place to ensure an extra level of safety
  • Large Food Pusher for continuous operation
  • A clear plastic pulp tube guides ejected pulp into your bin located near the juicer
  • Cantilever style Latch Arm allows for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Strong rubber feet to hold the juicer in place


  • 110 Volts / 60 Hz
  • 3450 RPMS; 1.25 Horsepower
  • NSF Certified
  • 2.5" chute (PS: that's big)
  • Dimensions: 12.5" x 12.6" x 19"
  • 50lbs in weight
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on labour. 2 years manufacturer’s warranty on parts.

When ordering please select your blade/plates: 

Cutter Plate - better for fruits & vegetables, OK for leafy greens. Your Nutrifaster 450 comes with the Cutter Plate

Shredder Plate - better for leafy greens, OK for fruits & vegetables

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